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Reaches 210 and receives the Maplestory M Mesos

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    October 5, 2018
    I got disconnected into the login screen again, quite annoying. The fear of altering channel, since it disconnects you sometimes, with a chance of losing all the buffs. Along with the freezings! Upon getting her level 150 hyper skill, she'd receive a -75percent exp reduction from passing passive, which provides her no exp loss at death if she reaches 210 and receives the Maplestory M Mesos level 3 connection skill while at a guild using the -5percent exp loss at death guild skill maxed. Finally, upgrade%hp strikes. They're far outdated in this sport, and they are not fair to a number of courses .

    This means that even using a power elixir, these players can simply cure less than half of their health simultaneously. That is a broken mechanic Nexon. Either%hp attacks should be capped at 99,999 damage, or electricity elixirs shouldn't have a healing cap. Furthermore, %hp attacks make defense and hp useless. Look at updating them to buy Maplestory Mesos become more dynamic based on total health a character has. Something along the lines of an assault which does 50% damage or 17,000-ish harm, whatever is greater.

    It follows that courses with lower health still must see in boss battles as they could potentially be OHKO-ed if they don't have HB (which was an true difficulty involved in bossing before BB). Point of View of a New Maplestory2 Player However, as time has gone on, they have introduced things such as cube drops from bosses, veins, elites, etc.. And of course being able to craft them. More recently they've added 10 free cubes (5red/5black) in the rewards shop, which is also really good.