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I've never played WoW Classic

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    Jun 3
    I was in a naxx 40 clearing I raided every single day for 5 hours on voice chat. They advised us you either raid 7 days a week or we kick Gold in WoW Classic. So I remained and within 3 weeks c' thun was clearing and moving on naxx. Was a hell of a ride but after a year of not getting askandi I quit and have burnt out. We did not have to farm pots or anything but we had to buy flasks along with the guild compensated for some pots, but throughout the AQ40 unlock event everybody was expected to put out 12 hour shifts farming the silithus mobs for its war effort.

    Most of this isn't right. The raids in vanilla could be cleared in 1 evening MC/BWL/Ony or even AQ/Naxx. You won't go back to MC/BWL once Naxx is out. Speed runs for MC are below 20 minutes, BWL under 30. You compete and can be in a hardcore raid. ZG has some good stuff so another hour per week until you have what you want. The planet bosses don't have loot thats worth doing them are killed very fast by a mix of individuals from various guilds.

    You do not NEED alts to be in a top guild like you do on dwell, the meta is not changing and you don't need to run breaks because there is time to gear up involving the raid releases and there is just 1 difficulty.Being at a casual guild is what will take a ton of time. Wiping over and over, learning the struggles, trying to do things without the right consumables that people refuse to get.

    I've raided in top 100 rated global guilds and none of the stuff you have mentioned in the movie is something, you're only expected to bring the barebone essentials such as consumables and knowledge in addition to enough time to repeat 4 hours a couple of times per week, none of the stuff you mentioned will be gont be expected of you and at most it is gonna be a few officers within the upper guilds that might go this far but it's hard enough to herd 39 cats into a 40 man dungeon let alone get all of them to perform all of the stuff you have listed.

    All this stuff was never a thing nor will it be a let us say earlier but I really wish to get into this crazy ass game should I expect Buy WoW Classic Items, I've never played WoW Classic? Ive been on runescape / osrs for more than a decade now and I figure that is what I am"used to" at this point, but there is so many irl friends who are gonna hop in this where I feel just like I am actually missing out not getting on this train.