This raises questions about Madden NFL 18 Coins

This raises questions about his decision making. Also, the Wizards once had a Madden NFL 18 Coins No. 1 pick with tiny hands, a star who took 30-footers with some frequency and brought guns to the locker room and a preps-to-pros dude who solicited an undercover cop and celebrated Lapdance Tuesdays. So, you know, BE CAREFUL WITH THE TATTED UP NBA PLAYER, Wizards. Grading John Wall's season Bullets Forever explains how Wall made strides this year.


This is the most column-y column you could write about John Wall. Angst toward a reality of youth culture (ink, in this case)? Check! Unfair comparisons between the player in question and the league's biggest stars (LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose in this case)? Check!


Reliance on vague "it raises questions!" posing instead of, you know, actual arguable and defensible opinions? Check!Reid even kneecaps his own take right in the middle of the column by citing another goodie-two-shoes gone rogue.


Durant, who cultivated a broad-appeal persona, did Buy Madden Mobile Coins throw fans a change-up a couple of summers ago by unveiling his "business tattoos," which cannot be seen when he's wearing his jersey. Before he shook it up, though, Durant already had established himself as a potential great. Even if Durant had tattoos all over his face, the Thunder would have offered him a maximum extension. He's that good.


So what you're saying is that talent and production are better indicators of basketball value and contract worth than is the presence of tattoos? That Durant continued to excel at basketball despite getting tattoos because he's, uh, good at basketball? Huh. Who'd have thunk it?The bottom line is that whether.

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