Gruden could be heard ripping his at Madden mobile 18 coins

Every non-Alabama team in the Madden Mobile Coins SEC finished 2016 with at least 4 losses View all 88 stories Jay Gruden is not ready to talk about the NFL playoffs -Washington head coach Jay Gruden doesn’t want to talk playoffs right now, and it’s not exactly tough to blame him. His team keeps teetering between contender and outsider status this season, with the latter currently winning that battle after a losing outing at Arizona (5-6-1).


Gruden could be heard ripping his at  Madden mobile 18 coins team behind closed doors following the 31-23 loss — Washington’s second consecutive — and had even more to say when he got in front of reporters. Just not about falling in the postseason race.


“There’s no talk about playoffs over here. We’re trying to win the next game," Gruden said. "We’re not even close to thinking about the playoffs right now. A lot is going to happen in these last four games. If we get an opportunity to play in them, great. If not, we’re going to do the best we can against Philadelphia. That’s all I know.”


As theatrical as Gruden sounds, he isn’t wrong here. On the same day their NFC East rival Dallas Cowboys clinched the No. 1 seed, Washington (6-5-1) was replaced in the sixth slot by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There won't be a more crucial time for Gruden to call out his players and he definitely took advantage of that fact.


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